Our Story

Trailblazing Love was born out of Founder Tom's personal frustration with the existing market of date night activity boxes. Recognizing the need to enhance his own relationship and take charge of planning memorable experiences, Tom embarked on a mission to create something better. He understood that many other couples faced similar challenges and wanted to extend his solutions to them.

Trailblazing Love emerged as a result, offering curated outdoor adventure date night boxes that provide unique and exciting experiences, helping couples break free from the frustrations of conventional options and create unforgettable memories together.

That's when the idea of Trailblazing Love came to life - a service that
offers fun outdoor activities for couples to do, to break free from the
ordinary and ignite the spark of adventure in their relationships.

Introducing Tom, the visionary behind Trailblazing Love. With a diverse background in IT/Logistics and a commendable 7-year service in the Marine Corps and Army, Tom brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to the world of outdoor date night adventures.

Having served deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Okinawa, Tom understands the value of cherishing meaningful moments with loved ones.

His love for the great outdoors grew during his military service, where he developed a deep appreciation for nature's beauty and the tranquility it offers.

During his free time, Tom finds solace in hiking through picturesque trails, immersing himself in water activities, and exploring the wonders of nature. He believes that the serenity of the outdoors fosters stronger connections and creates lasting memories.

Tom's passion for outdoor adventures is only rivaled by his affection for dogs. His furry companions have always held a special place in his heart, bringing joy, loyalty, and a sense of adventure to his life.

Driven by his desire to help couples forge stronger bonds in the embrace of nature, Tom founded Trailblazing Love. With his extensive experience and love for outdoor activities, he curates unique and unforgettable date night experiences, ensuring couples have the opportunity to create cherished memories while enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors.

Tom's dedication to providing couples with exceptional outdoor date night experiences is the driving force behind Trailblazing Love, where adventure, love, and nature intertwine to create truly magical moments.

Our Mission

At Trailblazing Love, our mission is to inspire couples to step out of their comfort zone and explore the world together. We believe that shared adventures and unique experiences can strengthen the bond between couples and create lasting memories.

Our date night boxes are carefully curated to encourage couples to
embark on outdoor adventures, try new activities, and create moments that will be cherished forever.

Let Us Be Your Guides To Adventure

Trailblazing Love is more than just an idea for a date night - it's a complete adventure experience. Unlike other date night services, we go beyond just providing ideas for cute couple activities.

High-Quality Date Night Essentials

Our date night boxes are packed with tangible items that enhance the adventure, such as canvas bags, wine glasses fit for outdoor use, and cozy outdoor blankets.

These high-quality items are not only used during the date night, but they can also be re-used for future outdoor adventures, adding value and luxury to the experience.

Whether you're a couple looking to switch up your date night routine,
celebrate a special occasion, or simply create unforgettable memories,

Trailblazing Love is here to help you embark on an adventure like no
other. Say goodbye to mundane date nights and hello to fun activities for couples.

Join us on the trail of love and let the adventure begin!

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