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Campfire Stories - Tales of National Parks to Inspire Your Love for Nature - Explore the Wilderness through the Art of Storytelling

We loved this package and highly recommned it for couples new or not! My husband did this for a date night and we loved it so much. - Naji A.

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  • A collection of inspiring and captivating stories about America's national parks written by well-known authors and pioneers alike.
  • A perfect introduction to the outdoors for nature lovers and a great way to foster an emotional connection to nature through storytelling.
  • A great gift idea for anyone who loves the outdoors or wants to learn more about America's national parks.

Campfire Stories - Tales from America's National Parks is the perfect addition to any nature lover's bookshelf. This captivating collection of stories brings together writings from some of the most well-known authors, pioneers, and indigenous people who have a deep connection with America's national parks. From the inspiring words of John Muir to the historical accounts of early settlers, these stories will take you on a journey through the beauty and wilderness of America.

Co-editors Dave and Ilyssa Kyu spent six months traveling and researching the stories collected in this book, ensuring that each story is not only deeply meaningful but also accurately reflects the history and culture of these important places. Whether you're a seasoned national park adventurer or just starting to dip your toes into outdoor exploration, Campfire Stories is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of America's wild places.

This book is also a perfect gift for anyone who loves the outdoors or wants to learn more about America's national parks. It's a great way to introduce someone to the world of outdoor adventure and to foster a deep and lasting appreciation for nature through the power of storytelling.

So snuggle up by the fire, grab a hot drink, and let the stories of Campfire Stories transport you to some of the most beautiful and unique places in America.

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    Campfire Stories - Tales of National Parks to Inspire Your Love for Nature - Explore the Wilderness through the Art of Storytelling


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